Physical Therapy 

Well I went to physical therapy today, it went well, I have to go weekly so we’ll see.

The doctor (I saw last week) said it was a repetative injury from work.  So I have to deal with Workers Comp stuff and the HR Lady was supposed to have a meeting with me Monday but didn’t have time.

So, basically I am going to wait until that meeting to fill out any paper work.

I have Medicare so this is gonna be complex.  There is a chance of early arthritis.  However at this point IDK.  

My Mom does not want me to file a Workers Comp claim because she thinks it could get me in trouble.  

So that adds extra stress.

Like, no I didn’t fucking go to the doctors for shits and giggles, I went because I was in really bad pain.

I don’t trust Doctors or Therapists after what happened at Melrose.  Just no.  Not happening.  

So at this point I am just rambling.  I go to work tomorrow so we’ll see what happens.


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