“Alcoholic Parents”



Basically at least get sober for your kids.


Physical Therapy 

Well I went to physical therapy today, it went well, I have to go weekly so we’ll see.

The doctor (I saw last week) said it was a repetative injury from work.  So I have to deal with Workers Comp stuff and the HR Lady was supposed to have a meeting with me Monday but didn’t have time.

So, basically I am going to wait until that meeting to fill out any paper work.

I have Medicare so this is gonna be complex.  There is a chance of early arthritis.  However at this point IDK.  

My Mom does not want me to file a Workers Comp claim because she thinks it could get me in trouble.  

So that adds extra stress.

Like, no I didn’t fucking go to the doctors for shits and giggles, I went because I was in really bad pain.

I don’t trust Doctors or Therapists after what happened at Melrose.  Just no.  Not happening.  

So at this point I am just rambling.  I go to work tomorrow so we’ll see what happens.

When People Try to “Help”…

Ok, so on a forum I go on, apparently some lady thought that telling me I was obese and not allowed to use the word “anorexic” even tho I am diagnosed with OSFED, Atypical AN.

Then people started attacking me, saying my problems are all self inflicted, and that apparently I need to have Multiple Sclerosis to not be attacked.

First off, if any of these people thought they were “helping” they are wrong.

All this has done is just triggered me more and made my resolve to not eat stronger.